Porirua City Council

Angkor Hospital for Children

Bright Eyes & Eager Feet
With bright eyes and eager feet I set on my way. 
My proposition, to make the most out of every bright eyed day. 
I prodded and plopped and promenaded from town to town. 
Searching for marvellous magic where ever it may be found. 
I rummaged under rocks.
Creeped through creeks.
Scoured across jungles and peeked over peaks. 
Seeking the hidden secrets that only I could truly seek. 
And seek I sure did, with prods and plops. 
Until one day my bag of secrets was overflowing.
Bursting, of course, with mountains, oceans, and rustling treetops.
With bright eyes and eager feet I continue on my way. 
Prodding along, wishing and willing, to be once more led astray.
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